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Nigerian Success Story

On 17 February 2017, a 40’ High Cube ocean container was loaded at the Mission Relief Services (MRS) warehouse in Parkesburg PA and shipped to the West African country of Nigeria.  This container load took several months to be approved for shipment due to stringent documentation requirements by the Government of Nigeria.  The shipment was coordinated by Mr. Collins Ibeto (photo attached) and went out under the auspices of the Obodoukwu Union of North America (OUNA) of Torrance CA.  The shipment was sent to the Nzuko Obodoukwu Clan (OUNA’s affiliate in Nigeria) to outfit a new community hospital it was opening in the Imo State of Nigeria.  The contents of the container included several hospital beds/mattresses, stretchers, examination tables, examination lamps, laboratory equipment, office furniture, an infant incubator, a refrigerator-freezer and a plethora of other essential medical-surgical accessories and supplies.  The hospital was fully operational by mid-2018 and plans are now in the works to expand the scope of its medical services through the assistance of MRS.

Feedback from Holy Child Sisters, Abuja

From: Lena Nwaenyi []
Sent: Thursday, June 22, 2017 4:46 AM
Subject: Goods arrived this morning

Dear Jim,

Lots of loving greetings from all of us Holy Child Sisters, Abuja. I am please to let you know that the shipped container arrived Abuja early hours of this morning from Lagos.

This is just to inform you of its arrival, you will get more details from me later. God continue to richly bless and protect you and yours. Find believe

Feedback from the Medical Mission Team to Liberia

On behalf of me and the entire Medical Mission Team to Liberia, we want to register our thanks and appreciation to your organization for their humanitarian support to the people of Liberia. Your magnanimous  contribution over the years have  made saved myriad of  people’s lives and for that, we are forever grateful.

As you begin  your New Year, we want to wish you all God’s richest blessings as  you continue to serve humanity. May our partnership further cement as the  New Year progresses, and may God protect the work of our hands.

Happy New year, and be Blessed

Joseph Sackor
Chairman, Liberia Medical Mission

Feedback from the Liberian Community

My colleagues and members of our Liberian Community have asked to register their thanks and appreciation for the magnanimous donation yesterday. Words are inadequate to express how appreciative we are for your humanitarian gesture. The container left last night and is expected to arrive in Liberia sometimes in April.

Again, please accept our heartfelt thanks and appreciation for your service to humanity.

Joseph Sackor

Helping Hands for Africa

UniversalHandsOn behalf of the Des-Ogugua family and Helping Hands for Africa, I wish to thank you for the time you took off your busy schedule to meet with us today at your office.

We would develop and send you a list of additional items we may need – for example, electric power generators, UPS systems, hospital bed dolly and hospital bed pulley.

We thank you for your humanitarian services and look forward to a profound mission relationship with Mission Relief Services.

Best wishes and God bless.


Response from a recent shipment of medical relief to Liberia

“On behalf of me and the entire Medical Mission Team, we want to register our thanks and appreciation to your organization for their humanitarian support to the people of Liberia. Your generous contribution made tremendous changes in people’s lives and gave hope to hopeless population.

As you celebrate your holidays, we want to wish you all God’s richest blessings as you continue to serve humanity. May our partnership further cement as we get into New Year, and may God protect the work of our hands.”

Happy Holidays, and be Blessed

Joseph Sackor
Chairman, FELMAUSA Medical Mission Relief Services

Pardada Pardadi Educational Society

To Mission Relief Services from Pardada Pardadi Educational Society, which provides education for girls in Rural India. The backpacks were donated by US-based Centurion Medical Products.

“Thank you again for the great donations for Pardada Pardadi. We were able to bring them all by plane, and United did not charge us for the extra baggage, which was amazing! We both had a 2nd 50 lb. bag, filled with supplies, which could have been $100/bag. We really lucked out there!”

Attached are photos of students who received the back packs. These were given to students with perfect attendance. They were a big hit, given during a special assembly. Some parents were present for this big day, which was a major deal, as parents don’t come to school very often at all.”


Mission Relief Ships Container to Panama

9/17/10:  Container# MEDU862244 6.  After a long hot summer, it is back to Panama and to some great projects there with the Foundacion Eduardo Morgan of the law firm Morgan and Morgan.  We ship to a canal authority warehouse and the furniture and equipment is distributed as needed. Pediatric wheelchairs are sent along with computer desks for the classrooms. Panama is preparing for the 21st century, and its vital role in world trade. The government will construct buildings for business education, while the foundations will need to equip them. The foundation Edward Morgan and Mission Relief are helping both the children’s hospitals and the focused educational efforts. 300 cases of medical supplies and wheelchair gifts from the Spinal Bifida Society were included on this container.