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Specialty Inventory Reports

ItemQtyManufacturerModel #Serial # / RemarksBin
Accessories/Supplies Podiatry10VariousBox AssortmentB20
Applicator Endoscopic Assisted Gas1BaxterDuploSpray MISM7
Bag Band 36"x36"3Sterimed25/CaseM11
Bar Assist Bed5VariousB23
Bar Grab Bathtub6VariousB15
Bar Grab Toilet10VariousM6
Bar Grab Toilet Stand-Alone2Drive MedicalRTL12079Surround FrameB22
Bassinet Infant Mobile8VariousWoodenWall
Bed Captains Twin4RT LondonWoodenStage
Bed Guest Rollaway1VariousWith MattressM6
Bed Guest Rollaway1VariousWithout MattressM6
Bed Hospital1Hill-RomCenturyWith MattressStage
Bed Hospital Homecare1Hill-RomHi-LoWith MattressStage-D6
Bed Hospital Homecare1Hill-RomWith MattressStage-D6
Bed Youth Manual4Hard Mfg Co.Monroe (with Top)With MattressM10/M11
Bed Youth Manual3Hard Mfg Co.Monroe (with Top)With MattressM12
Bed Youth Manual1Hard Mfg Co.Monroe (with Top)With MattressStage-D6
Bed Youth Manual1Hard Mfg Co.Stockton (without Top)With MattressStage-D6
Bookcase 3-Shelf1VariousWooden - WhiteE17-SL
Bookcase 5-Shelf2RT LondonGoes with Captains BedsWoodenStage
Bookcase 5-Shelf1VariousMetal - Simulated OakM12
Books Children's20VariousBox AssortmentE18-SL
Books General/Inspirational13VariousBox AssortmentE3
Books Medical16VariousBox AssortmentE14
Booth Audiometer Mobile1Eckel IndustriesAB-4230M10
Cabinet Center Entertainment1VariousWooden - MapleM11
Cabinet File Lateral 2-Drawer1VariousWooden - CherryM11
Cabinet File Lateral 2-Drawer Mobile1VariousCreamM11
Cabinet File Lateral 4-Drawer1VariousCreamM12
Cabinet File Lateral 5-Drawer4VariousCreamE21
Cabinet File Lateral 5-Drawer2VariousCreamM11/M12
Cabinet File Vertical 2-Drawer1VariousBlackM11
Cabinet File Vertical 2-Drawer1VariousTanM11
Cabinet File Vertical 4-Drawer1VariousGrayE7
Cabinet File Vertical 4-Drawer1VariousTanE7
Cabinet Microfilm Lateral 10-Drawer1Russ BassettGrayM12
Cabinet Microfilm Vertical 10-Drawer2Russ BassettBrownM12
Cabinet Monitor Mobile5VariousWooden - OakE11/E14
Cabinet Storage Art Mobile1VariousWooden - LockableStage
Cabinet Storage Lateral1VariousCreamM12
Cabinet Storage Mobile1VariousWoodenE4
Cabinet Vertical 2-Drawer Mobile1VariousWall
Canister Absorber4Armstrong MedicalAbsorb Plus G-CanM11
Cart Audiovisual1LuxorM6
Cart Canister Double1VariousM6
Cart Canister Oxygen2VariousM6
Cart Dispensing1StanleyInnerSpaceM10
Cart Endoscopy1StorzGoKart 969AStage
Cart Laptop Mobile1Techni MobiliRTA-B005B13
Cart Laundry Metal/Plastic4VariousTriangularE17
Cart Linen Plastic2Various24"W x 36"L x 30"HM11
Cart Records 3-Shelf1VariousGrayM3
Cart Service 2-Shelf2VariousNestingM10
Cart Storage 3-Drawer Plastic4SteriliteB11
Cart Storage 5-Drawer Plastic1SteriliteB11
Cart Utility2VariousM10
Cart Utility 2-Shelf1VariousMetal - WireM8
Cart Utility 3-Shelf1VariousBrownM10
Cart Utility 3-Shelf1VariousSimulated WoodStage
Cart Utility 3-Shelf1VariousStainless SteelE14
Cart Utility 3-Shelf1VariousStainless SteelStage-D
Cart Utility 5-Shelf1VariousMetalM11
Cart Utility Basket Wire3VariousD9
Center Entertainment1VariousMapleStage
Center Entertainment Compact2VariousE20
Center Entertainment Mobile1VariousOakM12
Chair Examination Podiatry1PDM Enterprises108A1BCoral CushionE14
Chair Hip Wooden5Hill-RomRoseE6
Chair Library Children's24Brodart CompanyChancellorOak/UpholsteredE18-SL
Chair Office Rolling31VariousF3/F6
Chair Potty15VariousE15
Chair Recliner Mobile1LumexCreamE17
Chair Recliner Mobile1VariousTanM11
Chair Shower6VariousStage
Chair Waiting Room21VariousMetal - StackableWall
Chair Waiting Room10VariousMetal/Plastic - StackableStage-SL
Chair Waiting Room31VariousWall
Counter/Cabinet Mobile1VariousStainless SteelStage
Credenza1VariousWooden - MapleWall
Cushion Seat Wheelchair4VariousC2
Cutter/Vacuum Cast1DePuy4400/4401M11
Desk Office3VariousMetalCV
Desk Office1VariousWoodenCherry Finish w/ReturnD7
Desk Office1VariousWoodenGrayD7
Desk Office1VariousBlackE7
Desk Office1VariousCherry FinishE22
Desk Office1VariousGrayM12
Desk Office Wooden1VariousWalnut FinishM12
Desk/Hutch Office1VariousBlackM12
Desk/Hutch Office1VariousMapleE1
Desk/Hutch Office1VariousPine FinishM12
Dresser 4-Drawer Mobile1VariousWoodenM10
Dresser 6-Drawer Mobile1Hill-RomM10
Exerciser Pedal1Battle CreekPedlarB28
Extension Seat Toilet17VariousB16/B17
Fixture Light Flourescent Overhead11VariousM11
Instruments Surgical Stainless1VariousBox AssortmentB7
Kit Catheterization Venous Central Multi-Lumen48ArrowASK-42703-PPMC15/CaseStage
Lift Chair Patient1Arjo218100-04M3
Lift Patient1Drive Medicalwith SlingM6
Lift Patient1Hill-RomSabina IIwith SlingM3
Lift Patient1Hoyerwith SlingM3
Lift Patient1InvacareReliant 350with SlingM6
Lift Patient1Sunrise MedicalCHLAwith SlingD12
Lift Patient Slingscale1Scale-Tronix2002with SlingM3
Lift Patient Slingscale1Vander-Liftwith SlingD12
Light Examination Mobile1Welch Allyn48300B9
Linen Hospital1VariousPallet/Gaylord AssortmentA3
Linen Hospital1VariousPallet/Gaylord AssortmentA5
Linen Hospital1VariousPallet/Gaylord AssortmentD10
Linen Hospital1VariousPallet/Gaylord AssortmentD2
Linen Hospital2VariousPallet/Gaylord AssortmentD4
Linen Hospital2VariousPallet/Gaylord AssortmentD7
Linen Hospital2VariousPallet/Gaylord AssortmentD8
Linen Hospital1VariousPallet/Gaylord AssortmentE19
Locker 18-Unit1Penco Products Inc.GrayM7
Machine Fax1BrotherIntelliFax 1270eB3
Mask Procedure Ear-Loop6Henry Schein104-77992000/CaseM11
Mattress Hospital6VariousStage-D
Mattress Hospital50VariousWall
Meter pH1Fisher ScientificAccumet pH Meter 900B12
Meter Stand Sphygmomanometer16MedichoiceStand-MountB9
Nebulizer Compressor1MedlineAeromist CompactB12
Nebulizer Compressor2PariVios LC PlusB12
Nebulizer Compressor1RespironicsInspiration 626B12
Otosocope/Ophthalmoscope/Thermometer Wall-Mounted2Welch Allyn76751Without HeadsB3
Piano Upright1KawaiMaple FinishWall
Pole IV20VariousWall
Printer Computer1HPOfficejet 6700 PremiumB3
Protector Heel12MedlineMDT82705WCS4/CaseM11
Pump Hysteroscopy1Gyrus ACMIDolphin IIStage
Pump Infusion2HospiraLifecare PCAB21
Pump Infusion15HospiraPlum A+B21
Rack Coat1VariousMetalD12
Reacher20Sammons Preston410926" NEWB2
Refrigerator Bank Blood1JewettBBR25T100-1 Surveillance ModuleM11
Scale Chair1Health-o-Meter259SKLE17
Scale Patient1Health-o-MeterWhiteM6
Scale Platform Small5Health-o-MeterYG500RB4
Set Administration Blood23ICU Medical12718-02(48/Case)Stage
Set Extension IV2ICU MedicalCH3403M11
Shield X-Ray Mobile1VariousWoodenM10
Shoehorn Long8VariousCanes
Speculum Vaginal Disposable8Galenica8309100/CaseM11
Sphygmomanometer1Various"Blood Pressure Cuffs"Box AssortmentB9
Stand Basin Double Mobile1VariousStainless SteelM8
Stand Basin Mobile1VariousStainless SteelM8
Stand Mayo1VariousE20
Stand Oxygen 4-Canister2VariousWith O2 CanistersM6
Stand Oxygen 6-Canister3VariousWith O2 CanistersM6
Stand Typewriter Mobile1VariousM2
Stander Supine2RiftonM10
Stepstool Mobile1VariousWooden/MetalE17
Stethoscope1VariousBox AssortmentB7
Stool Stationary1VariousE11
Stretcher1Hill-RomTranStarWith PadM11
Supplies Medical-Surgical1000VariousBox AssortmentM11/M12
Sutures Expired33VariousBox AssortmentVet
Syringe Insulin 1ml4BD309629 U-100100/CaseM11
Syringe Safety Tuberculin 1ml7CovidienMagellanM11
System Diagnostic Vascular1UnetixsMultiLab Series II LKSStage
System Therapy Compression1Lympha Press201-MB10
Table Anatomy Mobile6VariousStainless SteelCV
Table Bedside2VariousWoodenM12
Table Bedside Mobile10SoftcareGrayA6
Table Bedside Mobile2VariousWoodenM10
Table Conference1Various96" x 48"Wood-GrayStage
Table Dining Rectangular1Various24" x 36"M11
Table Dining Round1Various48" DiameterOakE23
Table Examination Long0Ritter/IE Medical104Brown Base/Brown CushionStage
Table Examination Long1Bailey MfgWood Base/Tan CushionM11
Table Examination Long1Clinton IndustriesOak Base/Blue CushionD1
Table Examination Long2Clinton IndustriesOak Base/Blue CushionM11
Table Examination Long1Clinton IndustriesOak Base/BlueCushionM11
Table Examination Long1HausmannWith CabinetOak Base/Blue CushionM12
Table Examination Long1HausmannOak Base/Rust CushionM11
Table Examination Long1HausmannWooden Base/Tan CushionM11
Table Examination Long1VariousGray Metal Base/Green CushionM11
Table Examination Long1VariousWood Base/Blue CushionM11
Table Folding6Various30" x 96" RectangularWall
Table Inspection Lighted Laundry1VariousMobileStage
Table Library Rectangular1Brodart Company01529 38" x 58" With LeafOakE17-SL
Table Library Round Children's5Brodart CompanyChancellor - 42" DiameterOakE17-SL
Table Occasional1VariousDrum-Style OakWall
Table Occasional1VariousMetal - Simulated WoodM12
Table Occasional1VariousPlastic - Simulated WoodWall
Table Occasional2VariousSquareD5
Table Occasional1VariousWooden - RectangularM11
Table Occasional3VariousWooden - SquareM12
Table Occasional1VariousM10
Table Office1VariousMetal 60" x 20"Black Base/Sim. Walnut TopM12
Table Overbed11VariousM11
Table Television1VariousOakStage
Table Treatment Long1BrewerElementTan Base/Black CushionD1
Table Treatment Power Mobile1Hanning Elektro-WerkeCream Base/Blue CushionStage
Table Work1Various30" x 60" TanM12
Tool Cutting Cast1VariousBox AssortmentB4
Tray Impression Dental1VariousPerforated MetalBox AssortmentB3
Trolley Holder Plan1PlanHoldM8
Tub Hydrotherapy1Ferno IlleSPHM 110PMM8
Tube Centrifuge 50ml20Corning430304500/CaseM11
Typewriter Electronic1BrotherGX-6750 CorrectronicB3
Underwear5HanesMens Long 3XF2
Vase Bud Swirl 9"1Brody CompanyC90048/CaseB12
Walker Folding3VariousA3
Walker Folding Wheeled with Seat1Various"Rollator"E11
Walker Folding Wheeled with Seat4Various"Rollator"E14
Warmer Infant2Air-Shields/DraegerPM78-1M6
Warmer Lotion1Chattanooga Corp.TM-1Myossage WarmerB6
Warmer Towel Tabletop1Sage Products7937B11
Wheelchair Electric1InvacareATMF3
Wheelchair Electric1InvacareTDX SPF3
Wheelchair Electric1Mega MotionElite 8ScooterF3
Wheelchair Electric1QuantumEdge HDWith ChargerF3
Wheelchair Electric1QuantumRehab 610With ChargerF3
Wheelchair Electric1QuickieP200F3
Wheelchair Manual8VariousWC

Common stock this items: Common Inventory Report |  Informe de Inventario ComúnSpecialty Inventory Report 

2018 Activity Summary

 “Give sacrificially as God your father has done”

        Mission Relief Services is always expanding our operations. In February 2016 we moved our warehouse operations a few miles west to the former Medical Ministry International (MMI) warehouse on Rte 372 in Parkesburg. This facility under the leadership of Matt Bonk is designed to produce and expedite our specialized cargoes of medical humanitarian aid to mission projects.  The results have been amazing:  in 2016, we shipped out a total of 19 40’ High Cube ocean containers, two 53’ trailers and an 18’ box truck.  In 2017 we shipped out a total of 17 containers and three 26’ box trucks.  Last year (2018) a total of 8 containers and 12 truckload shipments were dispatched from our warehouse.  These shipments went to many developing countries around the world, including:  Benin, the Dominican Republic, Ghana, Haiti, Kenya, Mali, Mexico, Pakistan, Honduras, Sierra Leone and Syria. 

        We are also grateful for all the hospitals, and our other product donors for their constant and growing participation in our outreach. The quality of materials that we ship continues to create a demand out in the field, as people and groups develop projects for their homelands.

St Thomas of Villanova Day 2018

st thomas of villanova day of service logo

A World of Thanks to the Alpha Nu Nurses and Villanova University
for another wonderful and productive day of service.

St. Thomas of Villanova was known for his great charity to the poor and marginalized. The Villanova community celebrates its patron saint and his legacy of Caritas – Love – with an annual Day of Service in his name.

Each year, the St. Thomas of Villanova Day of Service brings together nearly 5,000 students, faculty, staff, alumni and their families working in partnership with neighborhood agencies to perform service throughout Greater Philadelphia. This annual event builds upon the great service performed throughout the year by the Villanova community and exists as a unique way to put its Augustinian ideals into action.

Nigerian Success Story

On 17 February 2017, a 40’ High Cube ocean container was loaded at the Mission Relief Services (MRS) warehouse in Parkesburg PA and shipped to the West African country of Nigeria.  This container load took several months to be approved for shipment due to stringent documentation requirements by the Government of Nigeria.  The shipment was coordinated by Mr. Collins Ibeto (photo attached) and went out under the auspices of the Obodoukwu Union of North America (OUNA) of Torrance CA.  The shipment was sent to the Nzuko Obodoukwu Clan (OUNA’s affiliate in Nigeria) to outfit a new community hospital it was opening in the Imo State of Nigeria.  The contents of the container included several hospital beds/mattresses, stretchers, examination tables, examination lamps, laboratory equipment, office furniture, an infant incubator, a refrigerator-freezer and a plethora of other essential medical-surgical accessories and supplies.  The hospital was fully operational by mid-2018 and plans are now in the works to expand the scope of its medical services through the assistance of MRS.

Spotlight on Benin (/bɛˈniːn/ (

lbeh-NEEN/bɪˈniːn/bih-NEEN;[7]FrenchBénin[benɛ̃]), officially the Republic of Benin (FrenchRépublique du Bénin) and formerly Dahomey, is a country in West Africa. It is bordered by Togo to the west, Nigeria to the east, and Burkina Faso and Niger to the north. The majority of its population lives on the small southern coastline of the Bight of Benin, part of the Gulf of Guinea in the northernmost tropical portion of the Atlantic Ocean.[8] The capital of Benin is Porto-Novo, but the seat of government is in Cotonou, the country’s largest city and economic capital. Benin covers an area of 114,763 square kilometres (44,310 sq mi)[1]and its population in 2016 was estimated to be approximately 10.87 million.[2] Benin is a tropical nation, highly dependent on agriculture, with substantial employment and income arising from subsistence farming.[9]

Location of  Benin  (dark blue) – in Africa  (light blue & dark grey) – in the African Union  (light blue)