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Message from the President

We have a steady stream of very good medical equipment and supplies flowing into our warehouse. As more institutions realize the value of our humanitarian aid service, the quantity and qualily of goods increases.

We are overwhelmed at our warehouse. This overflow of supplies allow for some great volunteer opportunities.

Every second Saturday of every month we will be in the warehouse directing volunteers on the sorting, boxing and preparing items to be sent to some very needy hospital or clinics in underdeveloped countries around the world. Please consider organizing a youth group or any group to join us in our effort to organize the warehouse.

James P Harrison III.

Message from the President

I personally had the opportunity to travel to the southern region of Honduras in October. This is one of the poorest areas of Honduras, which is one of the poorest countries of the Americas. I was welcomed by representatives from the Christian Commission for Development, an organization that assure safe delivery of Mission Relief Supplies in Honduras. They took me to clinics and hospitals who have received Mission Relief supplies.

All of the Hondurans in these clinics and hospitals were very grateful for the equipment and supplies given. Simple things like scales, exam tables, and exam lamps are treasured.. I would encourage you to travel with Steve to witness this wonderful mission.

James P Harrison III.

Volunteer Days

Volunteer Days are the 2nd Saturday of each month.

Location: Coatesville, Pennsylvania
Time: 1o am – 2 pm

Contact our Volunteer Coordinator : Doug Hopwood
Phone: (717)252-2348

Message from the President

Mission Relief has already shipped four containers through March.  These containers have gone to Jamaica, Belarus, Belize and Guatemala.

Our warehouse is full of excellent equipment and supplies ready to be loaded and
delivered to the many needed areas o the world.
On March 25 we had a fund raising dance in Lancaster at the Elks Club and raised over $10,000 to be split between Mission Relief Services and a Medical Mission in Honduras operated by some volunteers from Lancaster, Pa.

It is my hope that we will ship over twenty containers this year. With all of your help, we can make this a reality.

Helping Hospitals Worldwide 1-800-860-5050

Mission Statement: Mission Relief is a private, non-profit humanitarian aid organization specializing in redistribution of medical and surgical supplies to third world countries throughout the world.  Mission Relief collects donated supplies from hospitals, nursing homes and other healthcare facilities; processes these supplies; and ships them directly to designated areas through the responsible stewardship of donations, Mission Relief helps healthcare facilities globally serve those most in need.