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Container Shipped to Guatemala

April 16, 2019, Container #TEMU 1530021, seal #0720072, Guatemala.  Ms. Evelyn Paiz coordinated this 20’ container shipment to her associates in the Central American country of Guatemala.  Valuable items comprising this shipment included two ophthalmic slit lamps, an argon laser slit lamp, four examination/procedure chairs, a phacoemulsifier, 50 assorted wheelchairs, and a host of other fine medical-surgical accessories and supplies.

Container Shipped to Peru

February 19, 2019, Container #BSIU 9088767, seal #0720071, Peru.  This 40’ High Cube container shipment was coordinated by supporters of Medical Ministry International – Peru, who obtained a trailer-load of valuable physical therapy equipment (including wheelchairs, walkers, standers, etc.) from Goodwill Industries and other local donors for consolidation with similar equipment/supplies available from Mission Relief Services.  MMI-Peru has multiple ongoing medical and physical therapy projects throughout this South American country.

Container Shipped to Honduras

February 13, 2019, 53’ Trailer Shipment, seal #0720070, Honduras via Baytown TX.  Florence Mayerle of Adventure in Missions coordinated this shipment from the Mission Relief Services warehouse in Parkesburg PA to her associates in Baytown TX, for consolidation with other donations and further transfer to the organization’s ministries in Honduras.  The shipment included two hospital beds, two freezers, a host of office furniture and accessories, a dental chair/stand, multiple medical accessories and two pallets of assorted medical-surgical supplies.

Container Shipped to Ringle Medical Supply

February 13, 2019, LTL (Less than Truckload) Shipment to Ringle Medical Supply.  Two pallets of assorted medical-surgical supplies were transferred to Sal Panetta of Ringle Medical Supply in Schofield WI. Mr. Panetta distributes medical-surgical supplies to various needy organizations throughout Central America.

Container Shipped to Somalia

January 24, 2019, Container #MSCU 7238846, seal #0720069, Somalia.  Global Med Partners, LLC coordinated this 40’ High Cube container shipment to the Himilo International Civic Development Agency, one of its partners in Mogadishu, Somalia.  This valuable load of first-quality medical-surgical supplies will be primarily utilized by a women’s hospital in Mogadishu.

Container Shipped to Dominican Republic

January 15, 2019, 24-foot Box Truck, Dominican Republic.  This vehicle was loaded at the MRS Parkesburg PA warehouse with 6 stretchers, an infant incubator, 8 overbed tables, 15 assorted chairs and stools and some 200 boxes of medical-surgical supplies.  Diogenes Molina of New York accepted these items for further shipment to his associates in the Dominican Republic.

Container Shipped to Dominican Republic

November 8 & 27, 2018, Dominican Republic.  Once again, Mission Relief Services was able to provide urgently-needed medical-surgical supplies and equipment to Diogenes Molina of New York for further shipment to his associates in the Dominican Republic.  We loaded two 16’ box trucks with 5 hospital beds, 7 stretchers, 5 examination tables, 5 dental chairs/stands, 5 dental stools, 5 IV poles, 55 overbed tables, two electric wheelchair/scooters, 22 potty chairs, 6 shower chairs, two benchtop centrifuges and five pallets’ worth of assorted medical-surgical supplies.

Container Shipped to Middle East

October 26, 2018, Middle East.  Mission Relief Services transferred to Rim Bakir and Aloush Yemen of the Narenj Tree Foundation of Norristown PA 9 pallets of assorted medical-surgical supplies, 11 mobile recliner chairs, a patient sleeper chair and a large assortment of recycled suitcases.  These items will be consolidated into larger container loads of humanitarian assistance materials for various displaced communities in several Middle Eastern countries.

Container Shipper to Dominican Republic

October 22, 2018, Dominican Republic.  Another truckload of urgently-needed medical-surgical supplies and equipment was provided to Diogenes Molina of New York for further shipment to his associates in the Dominican Republic.  A 26’ box truck was loaded with two examination chairs, a podiatry chair, 2 cooler-heaters, a tabletop grinder, a hysteroscopy pump, an injector system, and a mobile digital infant scale.  The load was rounded out with a pallet each of used eyeglasses, powder-free examination gloves, surgical masks, tuberculin syringes and assorted medical-surgical supplies.

Container Shipper to Sierra Leone

August 27, 2018, container# CMAU 7631907, seal# 0720068, Sierra Leone, Africa. The Healey International Relief Foundation of Lumberton, NJ is very active in Freetown Sierra Leone where they have developed community medicine projects, and supported the rebuilding of the Seruba Hospital complex. We developed this container to match their needs list of hospital. Electric wheelchairs, a stretcher, office and dining room furniture, linens and medical-surgical supplies were shipped in the container. Local priests and nuns help manage the project in Freetown, and the recipients are receiving the finest in care.  This is the fourth project that we shipped for the Healey International Relief Foundation of New Jersey.