Feedback from the Front Lines: Belarus

Office Location: Belarus

CTP 5746-001: Beth Messiah Congregation

Project Number: Project #04, Minsk, Belarus

Project Name: Minsk City Clinical Hospital #05

Cargo Description: Used/New Hygiene/Household/Office Furniture, Items, and Wheelchairs.

Load Date: 07-Apr-06

Distribution: 20-Jul-06

The hospital, which was one of major recipients of the cargo, is a very large Minsk hospital. That fact that irt is so large make the hospital never receive enough funding for their operations. Many of their wards are empty as there are no funds to fully equip them. So the delivery of hospital beds and office furniture, bedding and wheelchairs was just in time. The hospital was able to equip a lot their wards with newer, new water-proof mattresses and good linens. There also are a lot of people who are not able to move around without outside assistance, so the wheelchairs helped a lot to move patients around the hospital for all kinds of medical treatments and therapy. In the past the nurses had to use stretchers or gurneys for this purpose.

Mission Relief Ships Container to Honduras

6/14/06: Container# DFIU 3213301 This container of clinical equipment and supplies was shipped out of Coatesville to The Comision Christiana de Desarollo in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. Physician, dental and hospital supplies and equipment were in the shipment. The CCD is one of our partners in Honduras, and it stands for the Commission for Christian Development. They work throughout Honduras, and are very effective in distributing our humanitarian aid. $31,025.00

Mission Relief Ships Container to Belarus

6/09/06: Container #HOU 109980 This was another container for Beth Messiah and their humanitarian outreach in Minsk, Belarus Cabinets, linens, mattresses, study carrousels from Villanova University, IV poles from Bryn Mawr Hospital, and some gigantic exercise and Physical therapy equipment from Bryn Mawr Rehabilitation hospital in Paoli. 75,075.05

Feedback from the Front Lines: Counterpart International

PROJECT: S-BO-0702-18-0464-N

FROM: Gantsevichy Raion Territorial Medical Amalgamation, Medical Establishment Building 64, Matrosova Street, City of Gantsevichi, Gantsevichi Raion, Brest Oblast, 225440, Belarus

Tel: [375] (16) 462-1319

TO: U.S. Department of State

Mission Relief Services, Coatesville, PA, U.S.A.

Counterpart International, Community & Humanitarian Assistance Program

Dear friends and colleagues,

The Administration of the Gantsevichy hospital, all the medical personnel and our patients would like to thank you for the donated humanitarian assistance and a very fruitful cooperation with our hospital.

We are very grateful to you for taking our issues and problems into account and made a decision to help. We say thank you for the furniture – multifunctional beds and mattresses, light chairs, stools and tables, as well as commodes and wheelchairs. All of the pieces of furniture have been placed to the hospital departments and small out-patient offices in the rural areas.  We have been able to greatly improve patient condition and the medical abilities of the medical staff.

Once again, thank you very much for the donated assistance for our hospital. We hope to cooperate in the future. Be well.



Vyacheslav Sakovich,

Head Doctor,

Gantsevichy Raion Territorial Medical Amalgamation

Mission Relief Ships Container to Belarus

4/7/06: Container #SUDU 4678931 This container was also prepared and shipped for the Beth Messiah Congregation of Loveland, OH. The furniture, bedding, cots from West Chester University, desks from Villanova University all were shipped to Noviy Zavet (New Covenant) Evangelical Church, Building 25, Perevlok Lazo, Minsk, Municipality, 220102, Belarus    $80,688.20

Feedback from the Front Lines: Belarus

Office Location: Belarus

CTP 5794-001: Noviy Zavet (New Testament)

Project Number: Project #02, Minsk, Belarus

Project Name: Mission Relief Services Gantsevichy Raion Territorial

Cargo Description: Medical Amalgamation, Medical Donor Name Recipient Name, New Clothing, Cloth, Hygiene Supplies, and Used Clothing.

Load Date: 21-Dec-05

Distribution: 06-Apr-06

The Gantsevichy Raion territorial medical Amalgamation is a governmental medical services provider. The hospital is located in the Brest Oblast, but very far away from the major local cities. Due to this there is a great lack of funding to buy medical equipment and supplies. The local government is not able to help as this Raion is probably the poorest in the whole country. The sol is not very rich and agriculture is not very productive.

The hospital did not have a lot of modern and new equipment and the local staff was not able to provide an extensive medical assistance to the local population. Now that the hospital received medical equipment and supplies, the hospital was able to fully furnish several new wards to provide more services to patients. Thanks to the furniture (potty chairs the hospital staff was able to improve hygiene conditions in the hospital and make stay in the hospital more comfortable for the patients.

Vyacheslav Sakovich, the head Doctor of the hospital says: “The assistance was very timely and great; we received a lot of the much needed medical furniture, supplies. The most important items for us were beds and wheelchairs – we were able to replace the old “Soviet” metal beds with soft and water-proof mattresses. Now it is very easy to take care of the patients and the hygiene conditions have improved greatly”

Message from the President

Mission Relief has already shipped four containers through March.  These containers have gone to Jamaica, Belarus, Belize and Guatemala.

Our warehouse is full of excellent equipment and supplies ready to be loaded and
delivered to the many needed areas o the world.
On March 25 we had a fund raising dance in Lancaster at the Elks Club and raised over $10,000 to be split between Mission Relief Services and a Medical Mission in Honduras operated by some volunteers from Lancaster, Pa.

It is my hope that we will ship over twenty containers this year. With all of your help, we can make this a reality.

Feedback from the Frontlines: Honduras

3/26/07: Feedback from a container shipped to San Lorenzo Honduras. Jorge from Honduras: “hey this people is the most happy that I see in my life, for example the EKG they are almost ready to buy one by 85,000 lps/…half size than yours….and they need 8 ginecologic beds and you send 5… so the director of the hospital was very happy with the chairs because they do not have it for the conference room.”

Jorge is the field coordinator for the Central American Relief Effort, Lancaster, PA

Mission Relief Ships Container to Minsk

3/2/06: Container #GSTU 722200-9 This container of Nursing Home furniture was shipped to Minsk, Belarus for the Beth Messiah Congregation Humanitarian Aid Ministry of Loveland, Ohio. The Sight Invalids Project #18 at the Gantsevichy Raion Territorial Medical Amalgamation, Medical establishment, Building 64, Matrosova Street, Gantsevichi, Brest Oblast,225440, Belarus was the recipient of the patient room furniture that came out  of the Brandywine Hall nursing home in West Chester, PA. 35,245.00