Mission Relief Services often provides services for, and partners with these charities in order to move product, and elevate their abilities to fulfill their mission and serve others.

Medical Ministry International, Parkesburg, PA
– provides support for short term traveling mission teams

Serving at the Crossroads, West Chester, PA
– Maintains a medical clinic in La Entrada Honduras, and is building a large new clinic in that Central American town.

Opportunity Access, East Stroudsburg, PA
– supplies and maintains and supports training for high school computer labs in Costs Rica

Beth Messiah Congregation, Mason Ohio
– This congregation supports a variety of facilities in and around Minsk Belarus. From equipping hospices and nursing homes and hospitals, we have shipped several containers for Beth Messiah

The Presbyterian Medical Equipment Project, Lancaster, PA
– This outreach collects medical supplies and equipment, as well as school desks and chairs. The equipment is then shipped to Presbyterian projects and churches in Honduras, Central America.

The Central American Relief Effort, Lancaster, PA
– This new organization provides specific medications, training, and eye procedures to clinics in southern Honduras.

Helps International, Addison, TX
– Helps International works in Guatemala, and the University in Guatemala City. We help equip their major burn unit in the hospital.

The Pan American Development Foundation, Washington, DC,
– PADF has been around for over 40 years. We help them ship containers to their projects, and we are working together with the first lady of Honduras to rehabilitate the smaller hospitals in Honduras.

Mission Central, Mechanicsburg, PA
– Mission Central is a large clearing house for food missions, and is a center of mission activity for the Methodist church. Mission central provides Mission Relief with a variety of medical surgical items that do not fit the Mission Central mold.

Counterpart International, Washington, DC
– Counterpart International is a US State department intermediary that facilitates container shipments to many of the countries in the former Soviet Union. Mission Relief has provided containers for many of their remote projects, and we have moved mountains of hospital supplies and equipment throughout the years.

Christian Relief Charities, Alexandria, VA
– Christian Relief not only supports Native American projects, but also they have extensive experience working in Africa. We have provided container support to CRS for many years.

ADRA the Adventist Development and Relief Agency, EOA
– theEthiopian Orphans of AIDS,, Physicians for Peace, The Swanson Family Foundation, The Mobility Project, and other wheelchair missions are additional entities that Mission Relief has supported with large quantities of surgical material over the last 12 months.